How To Sell A House With Mold in South Texas area

Sell A House With MoldMold is disgusting, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to sell your house. Learn how to sell a house with mold in South Texas area!

Mold can be a common problem for many houses.  If you hire professionals, it can be cleaned up right away. However, some properties have much larger problems and because of the expense need to simply be sold right away, as-is. It can prove to be difficult if not impossible to find a buyer for a house with mold problems. It certainly cannot be financed. Keep reading to learn more about our tips to sell a house with mold in South Texas area. There has been so much publicity about mold that now mold scares many people as they see it as an expensive repair.

One of the first things you need to do is find the source of the mold.  It is imperative you find the source of the problem so you can immediately put a stop to it!   You will want to get that fixed as soon as possible.  That will prevent more mold.

Other Damages

Mold is caused by water and excessive moisture. If these conditions exist in your house, it is likely you are dealing with an even larger problem. Maybe you had a pipe burst or AC problems, or a small hidden leak, that has been dripping into your walls for months, rotting away the wood, drywall and compromising the structural integrity of the house. The damages can snowball and get expensive fast. Water damage is no joke.  And a lot of it is unseen until you have symptoms like mold appearing.   So any damages that occur need to be fixed as soon as possible but sometimes problems are not seen until the damages are already there.

You can see things like mold on bathroom ceilings.  That happens with long baths and the steam building up in the room without using an exhaust fan or even closing the door and trapping that moisture in the room.  Bathroom mold if left alone can really start to do damage.  It will not be easily removed if left alone for a long time.

Clean Up Costs

Depending on the location, type  and extent of damage you may not be able to clean up mold by yourself. But to do some research here to start.  See this article on how to clean: Clean and remove mold.

But cleaning up the mold yourself is not always an option.  And if not, cleaning up mold can be expensive. It isn’t always about what you can see, it is about what is growing inside of the walls. There are some aspects you can take care of yourself, such as scrubbing the mold from the walls, floors, and ceilings, however, there is often much more to deal with underneath the surface. Cleanup and restoration companies can cost a fortune, but in many cases, their services are worth it. Once the job has been completed, schedule an inspection and get it in writing that the problem no longer exists. Any porous or absorbent materials should be disposed of as it is near impossible to fully remove the mold spores. Do everything in your power to not come into direct contact with the mold. Breathing it in can cause serious health problems. Always use a mask and gloves when doing any of the cleaning yourself.  Due to the risk of breathing it in the people who remove it will always wear protective clothing and some type of face mask.

Selling As Is

bye houseAt Rescue Real Estate Help, we have helped homeowners who were facing all kinds of difficult selling situations.  Having seen it all and  knowing what works for that house,  we will help you by paying a fair,  honest price for your house as is, even if you have mold and water damage. Selling your house as-is is the easiest way to not have to deal with the mold problem. We are ready to buy it right now so you can collect your proceeds from the sale and move on with your life. Mold can be a huge hassle. It can lead to many other problems with your house if not taken care of correctly. By selling your house right away, you will no longer have to deal with the hassles and headaches.

If You List…

If you decide to list the house, it is important that you are upfront with your buyers. You will need to disclose any repaired or ongoing problems and the steps you have taken to remedy the situation. Have the information as to what has been done at your immediate disposal.  If you are selling on the open market  with a Realtor® or as a For Sale by Owner you are required to fill out and sign a sellers disclosure.  That form asks you questions about the condition of the home and known facts.  You are required to be truthful.  It is very important that you disclose everything to potential buyers as to avoid a lawsuit down the road. Another fact is that a house with mold cannot be financed so you will have to sell to someone who has cash.

Having mold in your home can pose a real threat to your ability to sell it the traditional way. If you would like an offer on your house, as it is right now, give our team a call to learn more about how we can help you. There is never any obligation.

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